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? the ceo of kabam joins us this morning from san francisco. kevin, good morning to you. >> hi, carl. >> i think the entire industry could probably use your advice because it appears that a lot of leaders are lost as the migration continues. what's the answer for a company like zynga? >> i think the industry is going through a breather. what's happening right now companies are trying to figure out all the new things that's happening from distribution to monetization. we're growing rapidly. we did over $100 million in gross revenues last year. second is we have a diversity of different platforms. while we started off facebook much like other social gaming companies, we went into 2011 with 100% of our revenues on one platform. that's facebook. today we're on the web, we're on gamestop, on steam, april many's ios devices and top ten gaming company on android as well. the third is we've made major partnerships. so we announced last week we're working with time warner on the hobbit and today we're announcing we're working with gamestop on our hit game, that's running through gamestop's online a
mansion in san francisco. multimillion dollar home in aspen and has wealth from facebook and other investments. mark pincus is proof how fleeting the fortunes have become in social media. today's sudden wealth is tomorrow's sudden wealth loss. never before in american history has wealth been created and destroyed. the new dot-com guys they did learn one lesson from the first dot-com boom. they learned to take money off the table before all that paper wealth goes up in smoke. back to you. >> rob, stick around with me for a second because you literally have written the book on the wealthy in this country. and i wonder in general are there patterns by which they absorb their wealth. you mentioned pincus selling some of his shares. do these new billionaires spend it all or are they smart enough after the dot-com fwouft reinvest it in different ways that we don't see. >> they've gotten smarter again about take being some of that paper wealth off the table. eve seen how volatility, how beta wealth is just so threating today. so the big difference again just in the past ten years they are
it tries to go back the other way? >> yeah, well, the question is, we have rallieses in phoenix and san francisco. question is, it's really nationwide. in the last few months, it looks like it. but is this -- are we going back to the early 2000s where the correlation across markets got really strong? i don't know yet. it's just too soon to tell. >> now, here where everybody trades everything, including houses, is tradeable in their minds, and my analogy, if we think we are bottoming, if i say we're bottoming in the s&p futures, the question is, okay, i'm going to buy them, because it's going to rally. if we're bottoming, that doesn't necessarily mean there's going to be a liftoff, does it? >> well, i think look at the last housing cycle. it peaked around 1990, and it started falling only a little bit. it wasn't as dramatic a cycle that time. how long did it take to take off? a decade. we've been going down for six years now. i don't want to just change -- >> no, i'm with you. >> it might still be going down. and we have a lot of world economic problems that are staring at us right now.
a new operating system and the surface tablet on the 26th. joining us this morning is the san francisco bureau chief for forbes and author of the forbes blog "tech trade." also the co-author of "ipad for dummies." good morning to both of you. ed, google says the playground is open. what is that supposed to mean? >> it means, i suspect it's a play on the google play store. you know, which is the store we can buy apps and music and so forth. i think it means a new tablet, a new phone, maybe, you know, who knows what. but certainly something android-related. and it's their answer to what apple's going to do next week and, of course, microsoft. >> eric, is this all about the low end of the tablet market? >> well, you know, there's speculation in both directions. there have been some stories suggesting that they're going to do a lower end tablet at a $99 price point, also speculation about tablets at the ere end, larger sized tablets more along the lines of the current apple ipad. so we'll see. they could go in both directions at the same time. >> what do you think is the right move? where s
. the entire market could, as we can see today. >> and, of course, we're in san jose, not san francisco. we've got a big verizon truck here that's providing extra bandwidth right behind us. there's going to be a live stream of this event. is there any expectation that we could see a real physical, not the black box, apple tv. >> near zero. for something entirely new like that, they'd have their own separate event like that. >> and they gave the giants zero chance of coming back against the cardinals, but they did it. you never know. this is a big time event. see if they can push apple stock higher, push the markets higher. this is a big stock. we're here for you on cnbc. >> we appreciate it, brian. what a great afternoon we have planned with you too. nice jacket, by the way, for it. that looks good. we'll see you guys in a little bit. let's get to the cme group. rick santelli with the santelli exchange for a tuesday. interesting day shaping up, rick. >> very interesting day, and i think the interesting story isn't really new but it's resurrected for the day, and that, of course, is the futu
from a ceo of an airline last night that there's a bit of a scramble at lax and san francisco for parking spaces because there are so many hundreds of thousands of aircraft that have been diverted from the usual flights to east coast that they have to park them somewhere and they are running out of space. >> simon, they are parked all over the world. they have delta planes parked over in europe right now that would normally be flying back here. a lot of the planes that were usually in new york, they are in hubs in minneapolis, detroit, any place where they can find space, that's where they are putting planes right now. >> thank you very much. still ahead on the program, clearly thousands of flights are being canceled. last-minute hotel rooms being booked. a live and exclusive interview with the largest online travel agency for america, expedia's ceo will join us next. i'm a conservative investor. i invest in what i know. i turned 65 last week. i'm getting married. planning a life. there are risks, sure. but, there's no reward without it. i want to be prepared for the long haul
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6